Feeding Community, Sustainability and Knowledge

The Leschi Food Forest and Gardens is a proposed community forest garden ecosystem, making use of existing fruit trees and planting new edible yielding trees, shrubs, berry patches. The Forest would allow education sharing for sustainability, rich and diverse cultural exchange and use of an urban farm for feeding the community. The Leschi Food Forest will provide an edible urban food forest and inspire the community to feed itself through sustainable methods in our beautiful city. Growing together, leveraging our diversity for knowledge sharing, improving public health and improving the security of our food supply are goals of the Leschi Food Forest. Over time the Food Forest will reduce impact on the local climate. The location is uniquely situated to bridge three richly diverse neighborhoods: Judkins Park, Leschi and Mt. Baker. A managed bee population will be introduced to assist in widespread pollination. In addition, plans include a children's p-patch where families can grow their own food.

The City of Seattle Department of Finance and Administrative Services has deemed property known as PMA No. 1594 and PMA No. 1600 excess and we're attempting to secure this site for community green space - specifically formation of the new Leschi Food Forest adjacent Sam Smith Park!! The City of Seattle is presently seeking alternatives for reuse or disposition - we must act quickly to secure this space for our community; instead of selling to a developer!

LeschiFoodForest.org is presently in what we're calling "Phase1" - gathering support for this proposal from the community and Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and submitting alternative recommendations as well.

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What can I do?

Spread the word!!!

Download, print, sign and send this document today to support LeschiFoodForest.org.

Contact the City of Seattle Dept. of Finance and Administrative Services, Attn: Richard Gholaghong, PO BOX 94689, Seattle, WA, 98124 and state your support!

Sign the petition at Petition.org.

Contact the City of Seattle Department of Neighboorhoods in support of our proposal, referencing this site and proposal.

Tell the Mayor! See this press release.

Volunteer your time or donate!

Phase 1

Phase 1 essentially consists of:

  • Gathering Support (City, Community, etc.)
  • Advocate PMA 1594 & PMA 1600 reuse
  • Obtaining 501(c)3 status
  • Finding Donations/Volunteers
  • Submitting Proposal


Contact us at assist@leschifoodforest.org